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Close up portrait of happy friendly adult black and tan German Shepherd dog with open mout
Close up portrait of happy friendly adult black and tan German Shepherd dog with open mout

Online Assesment

I am a very experienced practitioner in Chinese medicine, specializing in five element therapy and herbal remedies. With over two decades of experience, I have honed my skills in traditional Chinese medicine and have recently integrated homeopathy into my practice. My approach involves a comprehensive understanding of both traditional and alternative healing methods.

In my journey as a practitioner, I have fostered strong collaborations with veterinarians, allowing me to merge my knowledge of Chinese medicine with insights from allopathic medicine. This synergy enables me to create tailored treatment plans for my patients, both human and animal, addressing their health concerns from multiple angles.

Embracing the digital age, I have embraced telemedicine, conducting thorough assessments and consultations via Zoom with clients from all corners of the globe. This approach has not only expanded my reach but also allowed me to fine-tune my diagnostic abilities, ensuring effective and personalized treatment plans for every individual.

My expertise lies in synthesizing the veterinarians' diagnoses with the insights from Chinese five element assessments. By blending these diverse perspectives, I craft accurate and holistic treatment strategies that promote well-being and healing. I am dedicated to continuously enhancing my skills and knowledge, ensuring that my clients receive the highest quality of care.


Neomi David has extensive experience and expertise in the field of complementary medicine for animals. She has a wide skill set which includes TCM for humans and animals,  Chinese herbs, dietary supplements, nutrition, PsychAromatics and Homeopathy. In 20 years of practice and over a decade of training professionals, she has gained a deep understanding of complementary therapies and their applications in veterinary medicine.


Running a complementary medicine clinic within a specialist veterinary clinic means she has a high level of integration between traditional veterinary practices and complementary therapies. This approach provides a comprehensive and well-rounded healthcare solution for the animals under her care.


She is specialised in rehabilitating serious illnesses and her ability to understand complex cases further emphasizes her proficiency in the field, enabling her to tackle challenging and multifaceted health issues in animals. She also supports chronic illnesses in dogs, cats, and horses, improving their quality of life and confounding the veterinary community with her successes.

Her health system is highly recommended if you want to support your animals’ wellness on a regular basis and prevent the onset of illness.

Neomi's passion for complementary medicine and her dedication to the well-being of animals has led her to become a respected expert in the industry, making significant contributions through her practice, training programs, and diagnostic skills.

Image by Sindy Strife

Animal Psychoaromatica Online Certificate

Neomi has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of animal acupuncture and holistic healing. Her expertise in clinical acupuncture, combined with training in APA, therapeutic massage, and homeopathy, provides her with a diverse skill set to help animals heal and recover


Neomi also teaches online and is the creator of the  AcuAromatics advanced diploma program. This is a specialized training that focuses on the integration of aromatics, acupressure, and the application of the 5 element acu-points in animals. This approach enhances an animal’s natural healing abilities in a holistic and practical manner


For more info on AcuAromatics and the APA system go to

The Sage Animal Products

The Sage Animal" is a dedicated initiative born out of extensive clinical experience and a genuine passion for improving the well-being of animals. The focus on creating products that cater to a wide range of animal health needs, including common ailments, injuries, emotional support during difficult times, and chronic diseases, indicates a holistic approach to animal care.

By addressing both physical and emotional aspects of animals' health, The Sage Animal aims to support animals throughout their life journey. This approach aligns with the understanding that animals, like humans, require comprehensive care that encompasses not only their physical health but also their emotional and mental well-being.

We are committed to enhance the lives of animals through specialized products designed to cater to their specific needs. This focus on holistic wellness reflects a deep understanding of the complexities of animal health and a dedication to providing effective solutions for various conditions and situations they might face.

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